A blind conversation (changed my life)

My mind always remained filled with doubts and worrisome. I did not have any positivity with me to believe. As nowadays, this world is struggling with extreme circumstances. People are in constant empathy and struggle. It was pretty tricky for me to believe in goodness or to have hope. I was unable to saw positivity in this world. Then my friend, who is visually blind leads me towards hope and optimism. Negative thoughts remained surrounded me, and depression affected my mind. He gave me the power to think differently in this world. I tried to bring out some hopefulness.

I always remained curious about these blind people how they could observe and perceived this world. They do not have the power of vision to see this world. Even they do not have saw themselves. Then I asked him specific questions about his perspective of life.

 He told me the hidden aspects of his life. When I asked him about his world, how does he imagine this world? Then he said his life is not different from ours. We both are living in the same fake reality. When he said this life is an illusion—distorted just like the post-modern novel’s setting. So, it reminds me of Plato’s mimesis.

He said the answer is quite tricky. But we can also see through our vision of belief. You know this world is an illusion, and it is a fake reality. We all are living in fact world, just like the concept of Plato’s mimesis. Our reality is distorted and unreal.  Plato raised the point that this world’s existence is fake, but the original world is present in the mind of God. The only idea has authenticity. Because it is original, it develops first time in the mind of the creator. And the rest of the things are unreal and do not have authenticity. Similarly, we have an idea in our mind that idea is original. When we develop ideas, then these ideas are authentic and genuine. Our world is beyond originality. The world in which you are living is just a myth. Nothing is permanent. Instead, this world is temporary.

This world is a fake reality

Similarly, we created our world. But fortunately, we cleared our minds from all doubts. As compared to ordinary people, we have not to doubt. We can achieve things in a better way. Like monks, those cleared their minds from doubts throughout their life they live with a vision of belief. You see this world according to your aspect believe. For example, when people positively think, this thing indicates that they do not doubt in their minds. Vice versa, when people see negativity, then it means their focus is different. Your belief determines your situation in this world. Negative thinking attracts harmful and unwanted things. So, you have to think positive things; then, it would deliberately attract positivity. Most scientists believed that this life is an illusion and everything depends upon our belief. For example, Moses parted the sea due to his strong trust and confidence.

It was possible for him to part the sea. So, hence it is proved that the life we are living is not real. The law of attraction supports this argument. Positivity attracts positivity.

My blind friend told me no doubt we both are living in a fake reality. So, it all depends on your thoughts. It gives you power, and it would take control of you. You have to change your way of thinking. Try to develop your strong belief to clear your mind from all doubts. Then life would become easy for you. Teach your mind to think positively then life would be different. Then you do not need this visual eye to see the world. Your inner vision would help you to know the world. Yes, this blind conversation changed my life.



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