How to help a hoarder

How to help a hoarder

Hoarding is severe mental trauma. It could affect a person’s social life and personal life, leading them to disappointment and trauma. Until I could not believe in hoarding until my own best friend become a victim of this situation. she got struct in this mental disorder. She suffers a significant loss after the demise of her father. There was a considerable gap in her life, so that’s why she decided to fill that gap with useless things and clutter. It became pretty hard to walk into her home. Once I was about to be buried alive in this clutter. She started cluttering stuff for nine years. I could remember easily that once, her home was neat and well organized.  Unfortunately, her house started filling with used newspapers, unlimited clothes, rotten food, other unnecessary stuff.

Due to this stuff, her relationship with her mother started affecting her. They usually argued with each other. Once my friend did not go home, but instead, she spent her time with me in my house. She said, “I do not know how and why I am feeling solace in your house.” Obviously, in reverse, my house was exceptionally well organized and clean. And I hate hoarding. I know she was suffering mental trauma, and she wanted to change her life. But unfortunately, she was facing a struggle in her life, and deep inside her, she needs help. So, I decided to help her.

I wanted to change her lifestyle. I know that one could not live in this junk and pathetic situation for entire life. She remained restless and anxious due to this situation. Without knowing herself, she was suffering from trauma. I decided to search for her conditions. Then I came to know that her hoarding disorder was due to her obsessive-compulsive disorder. In this condition, people get obsessed with different objects and things. It is pretty difficult for them to discard items. They tried to keep their possession with themselves till their entire life.

How to help a hoarder to declutter their home

Hoarders are extremely attached to their possessions. They do not want to discard their possessions. And wanted to live with their things, and they love their possessions. They could not imagine their life without their possessions. So, please do not force them. They would become highly angry with you, or they would become stubborn to discard their possessions. So, first of all, you need to talk to them with love and affection. I treated my friend with love and polite behavior. With politeness, I started convincing her for a neat, clean and tidy environment.



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