gender equality

I yearn for true gender equality

Since my childhood being a girl, I remained the victim of gender inequality. Gender equality means there should be equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their gender. Like everyone should have access to resources and different options. I observed this behavior, not in my society, but it is quite the tradition of our entire world. In her book “The second sex,” Simone de Beauvoir said that our society determines gender. Sex is biological, but our gender being women or men, is determined by misogynist society.

For example, the organization decides women’s fate. From their birth, they started making a difference between boys and girls. If a girl is born, she should wear pink, and if a boy is born, he should wear blue. These type of rule and restriction does not leave them alone till their entire life. Women remain inferior till their death. When would this inferior gender gain her independence from this gender rule? When would they get gender equality?’

Gender equality is a fundamental right of women

Gender equality is a fundamental right of women to avoid any deprivation in their life and chaos. If you observed this world, you would come to know that there is balance in the system of this world. If there were no balance, everything would have been destroyed. for example, this galaxy follows a certain proportion. All the stars are following specific rules for rotation. If there would not be any balance, then this imbalance would lead them towards distraction. Nature set these kinds of examples  for us to give us a lesson. Similarly, it is necessary to follow balance in our social behavior. Without this behavior, it is not possible to gain gender equality.

Not only in third world countries but well-developed countries, women are suffering due to various factors. They could not get their fundamental rights. Some girls could not go to school or get an education. The trend has changed, but still, there is trouble and problem in this world. Women are in constant danger due to their gender. Like they are the victim of continuous sexual abuse. They are treated as sex objects in this world. They are still others. And are the victim of othering in this world. We have witnessed women of various crimes like Sex trafficking, genocide, femicide, and violence.

In this developed world, women are still marginalized. They do not have the power of their own. And have to depend on their men for their living. They are marginalized and powerless. It is necessary to empower women. In some institutes, women are muted, and their response did not have any importance and value. Muted group of the theory says that this society is consists of fifty percent of men and fifty percent of women. So, instead of these women are still marginalized and inferior. They are not allowed to speak for themselves. In some business institutes, women’s opinion does not have any value. But instead, they prefer men over women.

Just like Victorian-era women do not have any value in this society. They have to take care of their children, and they have lost their identity. There is inequality in our world. In some countries, women have to take care of their children, and they have to do work outside as compared to men; this type of burden could put women in a drastic situation. Society has made this the trend that women should take care of children on any coast. They could not deny the rules and regulations of this world. Community made the domination of women that they should be calm, humble, and delicate. Unfortunately, women’s progress falls into the hand of patriarchy.

Cultural involvement in gender inequality

Women have to follow the definition that is determined by this misogynist society. Unfortunately, we fall into the hands of the patriarchal system. This patriarchal system is quite drastic because it falls in the hands of men. They are just making fools of women. Since this world, women have remained victims of violence and sexual, mental, and physical abuse. Men toy with her feelings.

As we live in an institutionalized society; this institutionalized society is under the control of a misogynist system. It is pretty standard for women to follow men. They have to follow the male characters. In some societies, women have to obey their husbands and their sons. They could not take their steps independently. Trail Moi says that misogynist society made a specific situation that determines women’s values. Throughout their life, men are taught that they are born to rule females. So, this type of mastery developed a particular situation of pride in men. Gender equality means equal opportunities for everyone. It does not eliminate men from this type of equality. But unfortunately, men want everything just for their gender. They stop women from this category.

Gender inequality is the base of feminism

Gender inequality is the basis of feminism. Women have been deprived of their fundamental rights, and their life was pathetic. So, this leads them to revolt, and they know that they could not get their rights without revolting. So, the first wave of feminism started for the rights of the vote. Women were not allowed to vote. After this second, third, and fourth waves come. This moment depicted those women were frustrated due to their gender inequality in this world. In these feminist moments, women wanted to get rid of this inferior and gender discrimination. Feminists remain in a constant struggle to change these norms. Because after one moment, another moment started in which women asked for different social, economic, and political values.

To eliminate this gender discrimination, we have to work together. Otherwise, it would have a drastic impact on women. Yes, both men and women both have to work together to eliminate this difference. Otherwise, this imbalance would create tragic circumstances for women. Yes, men could be a feminist, but he could not truly understand the feelings of women. Men are different from women.

Similarly, the experience of black women differs from the experience of white women. We have to understand each other’s actual points. Otherwise, this imbalance would destroy us very severely. Being a woman, I yearn for gender equality.



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