A strange feeling went through my heart when I was scrolling my cell phone. I saw heart-reaching news. A 24 years old young boy Cameron Herrin killed a mother and daughter in 2018. So, as a result, he was sentenced to jail for 24 years. The law was not supposed to give him any guard of honor or grant him any Nobel prize. He was the culprit, and he has to face severe circumstances. But this guy was in trending on Twitter and TikTok and all the social networking sites. Maybe you ask the question, why? Due to his beautiful, memorizing eyes and handsome features. He got the attention of this world, and people asked a second chance for him. His video and snaps got viral with romantic and sad songs.

I was pretty surprised when I observed that a considerable amount of the population from all over the world was giving sympathetic comments and asking relief for him. I want to ask if a black or ugly boy with large nostrils and a nasty face has killed this lady and her daughter.

Would they ask the same question of relief for him?  Would they feel the same feeling for that guy? Ok ok! I will not ask difficult questions. This incident is the indication that this world is in the hands of a dangerous ideology. If a culprit is incredibly ethereal, then he has the right to get a second chance. But if the culprit is ugly, then they could not obtain a second chance.

The world is under the strong firm grip of racism.

Crenshaw raised an exact point that a black man accused of rape has to bear extreme consequences compared to a white man. They penalized for longer-term as compared to a white male. Similarly, a white woman victim of rape gets more attention as compared to a black woman. This thing shows that our ideologies and our minds are affected due to racism. Some groups are victims of intersectionality; People remain underprivileged due to their skin color, low status, and class. The world is under a strong, firm grip of racism.

Our life standard has changed now. Humans are more attracted to beauty and physical appearance than a person’s inner self. It is the unfortunate and cruel truth of this society. In ancient times the situation was not worse as compared to today. Our young generation tried to find physical beauty. They get attracted to beautiful faces and attractive physiques.

Ancient people used to say that you should find true beauty in a person’s soul or heart. Nevertheless, our young generation gets attracted to beauty. It does not mean that they have an excellent aesthetic sense or true love for beauty in their hearts. However, their desire for beauty is hollow. They observe people according to their skin color, physique, and their status quo. When they find these characteristics in anyone, then they feel that person is perfect. The level of perfection is different for them. That is why our generation is asking for relief for Cameron Herrin.

Mass media shaped our minds

People yearn for beauty. Because whatever they see on media, it grasps their mind. It does not have any positive impact. In movies, they show us that the hero is always beautiful while the villain is always ugly and has disgusting features. Then it shapes their minds. That’s why they see everything in the mirror of mass media. So that’s why when incidents like this happen, it is difficult for them to believe. The majority of women were asking for his second chance. They got impressed with his handsome and charming features. Even they know that he killed two innocent lives. Media normalizes this type of cruel behavior, and a person who idealizes media feel normal to idealize beauty.

No doubt, the mass media shapes our ideology. Reality engulfed by the fake reality of mass media, the young generation gets attracted to perfect faces and mesmerizing beauty; Our young generation’s minds are under the command of mass media. Half of the population yearned for the handsome men’s bail, and for the second chance, this situation is notable. No one is thinking about or giving condolence to the deceased family. Instead, our generation is concerned about this handsome young guy Cameron Herrin. I support the court’s decision, and this decision would save various precious lives. This decision would set an example for upcoming generations and young people. After reading these comments, I realized that beauty matters more than humanity.